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Mount Glory team offered our cients special Wedding package in the lap of mountain as a (Wed In Nepal Package).We manage every requirements for marriage according to our culture for those lovers who are willing to make their wedding ceremony most remarkable in the mountain.Our team will manage every requiremnets for couple whoa are going to wed according to Nepalese culture as a lifetime memory.

We organize your wedding ceremony in the high altitude like Everest Base Camp,Or Buddhist Monastery or in Hindu's Temple.A traditional Marriage according to Hindu is conducted by a Priest at Temple premise or any place which is decorated to make it eligable to worship deities.Both Groom and the Bride are dressed in typical Nepalese wedding custom and bride is dressed in Red all over and she is decorated with ornaments.The typical gateup for bride includes Red Sari,Red Veil,and ornaments while the groom wears Daura Suruwal and Dhaka Topi.The groom puts Red powder (Sindur) on the head of bride and the priest repat the holy song in the name of God.

There will be gathering of friends and families from both groom and bride side.We will manage the gathering by ourself.Also,there will be typical Nepalese musical performance by Janti and Lokanti.There will be organixed party from both sides.We will provide typical wedding musical team and friends gathering during foreigners wedding.It is believed that there will be strong bond between two couples in life and after life if they marry according to Hinduism.

In Nepal priest is most important during marriage ceremony and musical performance after marriage is recommended by our team.The entire cost for foreign marriage is around 4000 USD.We suggest our guest to make lifetime memory of marrying in Nepal.

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