Pilgrimage Tour In Nepal
A country of the living gods, Nepal has been the centre of a number of pilgrimage tours from the beginning of time. Boasting a number of religious temples, landmarks and cultures, the pilgrimage tour in Nepal has been welcoming to people from around the world and inside the country all the same. From the Pashupatinath and Swayambhunath in the heart of the Kathmandu city to the Pathivara and Halesi Mahadevsthan in the east to the Swargadwari in the West, there are a number of pilgrimage destinations in the country. People of all faiths travel to the country to witness the charm of the land of the gods where they are belived to live in the mountains. The Kailash parbat in the Eastern part of the country is believed to be the abode of lord shiva and a number of pilgrimage and believers flock to the region every year. Apart from this, Manakamana, Muktinath, Lumbini, Budhasubba and Janakpurdham are the most frequented pilgrimage sites in the country where the number of visitors reaches as high an accumulated number of milliions per year. We manage tour packages to the pilgrimage sites and provide you the best possible accommodation and the food services along the journey. We have a set of offers of our own and look forward to your inputs to make it as comfortable and luxurious with the regard to the financial affordability and the luxury of the participants.



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