Medical Kit

Own safety is the primary factor to be taken care of during any kind or any length of the trip. Personal first aid kit can be carried personally for any difficult health situations on the way though the trekking guide or the official team will also be carrying the basic required medical kits for any emergencies on the way. We would also like to request the trekkers to carry some of the small and cheap but very effective medical items during the trekking for own precautions and safety. Some of the recommended items to be purchased and carried along in the backpack are as follows:

1. Antiseptic cream.

2. Sun/face cream and lip screen.

3. Insect repellent.

4. Throat lozenges or hard candies.

5. Anti-diarrhoeal drug

6. Anti-protozoan. (Flagyl). Ask your doctor.

7. Antibiotics. A broad-spectrum antibiotic. Please ask your doctor.

8. Analgesics. Aspirin, Advil or Tylenol - for headaches etc.

9. Moleskin or Second Skin for blisters.

10. Diamox. Already discussed.

11. Re-hydration salts. A small tub of Gatorade powder mix is a good idea.

12. Multi-vitamin tablets are a good idea.

13. Iodine-based water purification tablets.

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