Our Team

Name: Santosh Pandey

Profession: Managing Director

About Santosh Pandey: About Santosh Pandey: About Santosh Pandey: “Travelling is not just for fun, it is also a medium to explore, experience and feel the place where you are travelling to”, says Mr. Santosh, who has more than 9 years of experience in the field of travelling.The Birth place of Santosh Pandey is Gorkha, one of the important historical places of Nepal from which King Prithivi Narayan Shah started the Nepal unification event which has resulted the present Nepal.Looking at the Manaslu Himal from his childhood, gaining the information about travelling, he stepped into this field from the potter with his hard work. Upgrading his knowledge and skills on this field, he also travelled with lots of foreigners and domestic travellers sharing and experiencing the best parts of Nepal as a local, multilingual and professional guide for few years.Presently he has been managing and upgrading and continuing this travelling field by opening own Travel and Trek Company. And he has sent back the visitors travelling in Nepal with lots of memories and moments during their visit.And he also believes Nepal is one of the most beautiful country to travel and experience new adventures.



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