Meaning Of Namaste

Namaste(/ˈnɑːməsteɪ/) is customary Hindu greeting specially found in Indian sub continent.It is also spoken as Namaskar and Namaskaram.It is used for greeting and leave talking.Namaste is usually spoken with slight bow and both hands pressed together,palms touching and fingers pointing upwards,thumbs close to chest.The meaning of Namaste according to Hindusm is i bow to the divine in you.Namaste gesture is often perform wordlessly.In the spiritual pratcise of yoga Namaste is word that brings about essence of oneness and understanding of the true nature of the reality.

The Indian sub continent where hindusm is pratcise use this major greetings at the base level.Namaste is a salutation of respect and reverence.It is translate to I bow To You (namah or namas or naman) is the gesture of Anjali Mudra( prayer Position of the hands) not only accompanies the word but synonymous with its meaning.People perform this greetings every time they meet other people in the street,temple,with the elderly people children and teachers also with the guest.
Namaste represents the idea that all the people and happening in this world is one.It means you are made of the same stop.No one is different,everything that exists is one devine consciousness that longs to experience it self in different forms.As human beings give and forgive is in nature.Every persons,thoughts,feelings,and experience is perfect expression of divine awareness.This simple method of wishdom,joining the hands together is the teaching that say your spritual pratcise is the art and act of remembering who you are and what you can achieve.

It is famous with tourists visiting the Mountains.Every time you meet new people you will be greeted with Namaste.It is respecting the guest and new friend.People find you and the divine inside you is unique and you possess lots of wisdom and kindness.It is a simple greeting technique which is famous all over the mountain settelment.Even a children,sick and socially boycott,elderly,mad,sports man and every people in the mountain take this greetings wisely.They fell happy and they find that you belong to them and they belong to you.We recommend you to use this greetings when you meet new people during the trekking time.



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