Why To Do Everest Base Camp Trek?Here are Top 8 Reasons

Among many famous trekking adventure Everest Base Camp Trek is most famous trekking in the world.It is beautiful journey that take trekkers from low hills to base camp of world tallest mountain.Many people from different part of Globe visit this reason every year.Everest Base Camp Trek is popular by himalayas life and its topography.It offers Sherpa's culture and mighty himalaya view.Here are top 8 reasons why you should do Everest Base Camp Trek once in your lifetime.

1:Lukla Airport

Lukla Airport is famous for its location as airport situated at world's highest altitude2660m.Lukla is small beautiful town in the khumbu region and fastest route to Everest Base Camp.It offers majestic mountains views from kathmandu to Lukla flight.The Lukla airport is prime region to plan trekking to Everest Base Camp.The take-off and landing is itself thrilling experience and small adventure in itself.It is also known as Tenzing Hillary Airport with shortest runway on the planet.Town of Lukla offers himalayan lifestyle,and Sherpa's culture and spectucular view of majestic mountain range.

2:Namche Bazar

Namche Bazar is a central hub of Everest Region which is full of accommodations,Hotels,and lodges for travelers and it is main trade center of khumbu regions.Namche is a gateway to Everest and it is famous for homemade yak cheese,butter and splendid insight of majestic mountains.It offers gorgeous view of mountain peaks like the Kongdi RI, the Thamserku and of course- the Everest from its step-like terrains.Most trekkers stay at namche for acclimatization and is a beautiful destination which play important role in tourism sector of Khumbu.

3:Sagarmath National Park

 It is situated at an elevation of 2845m-8848m and listed as world heritage site which offers scared mountain views and is a home to many endangered wildlife.Sagarmath National Park is home to snow leopard,Himalayan Black Beer,Langur monkey,munal,Wolves,Panda,Thars,Musk deer etc. also,118 different species of Birds and numerous insects.It is major hightlights of Everest Base Camp Trek so,provide special experience through himalayan woods and natural sceneries of many flora and fauna.The bamboo forest and birch of the ark provide tranquil of nature.

4:Tengboche Monastry 

Everest base camp trek is spritual journey for any travelers as it offers travelerrs with some spritual learning in the way to everest base camp as it is adventurous. Trekkers travelling the everets base camp not only find beautiful himalayas views on the way but also some beautiful ancient gu,ba and monastry on the way of their joutney to everest base camp.These monastriey or gumba are decorated with spritual flags which are colourful and decorated with slogans.Among many beautiful gumba on the way to everest base camp tengboche monastry is major one as it is more beautiful  and is situated in tengboche village .Trekers visit this mpanastry for blessings of successful journey from Buddhist monks who resides thnere.The village of tengboche is itself  another highlighted destination of journey because it is surrounded by rhododendron woods where one can witness himalayan eagle above them.The majestic sight of Mount Everest and ama Dablam from the village is beautiful.The outside decoration of monastry with Buddhist morals and amazing artwork and for its holiness and peace Tengboche monastry is most recommende by tourist.

5:Sherpa Culture

Sherpa who are famouse for their mountaineering skills throughout the world is main resident of Khumbu regions. Sherpa community conduct main market in Khumbu regions and Namche Bazar . These people are acquainted with mountaineering and trekking adventure whose liability is praiseworthy. Their culture and lifestyle offers a kind of amazinf experience to the travellers.Sherpa hospitability is wellknowned in the world so travellers may be lured into their lifestyle.These peoples are inspirtaion for most people around the world for their culture and hospitality for guest.Most trekkers prefer sherpa guide and helpers because of their super mountaineering skills.


Black rock mountain is translated as Kalapatthar in Nepali.It is a vinatge point that offers majestic views of Mount Everest and other mountain range which stand 5644m above sea level.It is a highest point one Everest Base Camp Trek from where high mountains like Khumbutse, Changtse, Lhola, Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Ama Dablam, Kangteg, Thamserku, and several others.It is only 10 m tall but every trekkers wants to reach kalapatthar for as it provides closer view to Mount Everest and some glimpse of northern face of Mount Lhotse.Trekkers are suggested to visit this Black Rock mountain for stunning landscape and Marvolous mountains views.

7:Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp is most significant highlight for trekkers and is a final destination for trek itself.It is a gratifying feeling for trekkers to reach base camp over a week of trekking.Trekkers feels with a sense of pride after accomplishing Everest Base Camp and the inspiration becomes too big to hold as one stands under the base of world tallest mountain peak surrounded by snow,and vast openness under the clear blue sky.The bulk of mountain and sheer size is sure to life anyones spirit.Everest Base Camp Trek is most searched trek destinations in the history of Nepalese trekking.

8:Panaromic Views Of Remarkable Mountains

Nothing can content a travelers better than sight of remarkable mountains views for sure.The views of Mount Everest and several other highest peak are undeniable regions for trekkers to travel to Everest.Everest Regions offer travelers to insight majestic mountains including Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Tawache, and Thamserku.The closest views of Mount Everest and inspiring splendid mountains view are breat-taking site of Everest Region.













Why To Do Everest Base Camp Trek?Here are Top 8 Reasons

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