Who Is Gautam Buddha And Where Was He Born?Why Is Lumbini Famous For?

Siddhartha Gautam was a mentor and spritual leader of Buddhist Religion,Who was born in Nepal in six century B.C. Siddhartha Gautam became Buddha which means enlightened one or the awakened lived in Nepal during sixth to Fourth century B.C. But there is debate with schoolar with about the events and facts of his life.Most of the widely known story of Gautam Buddha makes us clear that he live most of his life by experimenting with different teaching for years.Gautam Buddha spend most of his fateful night in deep mediation.During his mediation all of the answer he had been seeking for became clear and he achieve full awarness and become Buddha.

His father was a king of famous Lumbini who rolled the tribe and known to be economically poor and on the outskirts grographically.His mother died after seven days giving birth to Gautam Buddha.But a holy man prophesied great things for young Siddhartha that he would either be great king of Lumbini or military leader or a great spritual leader.King Suddhodhan wants to keep his young son Siddhartha away from witnessing the miseries and suffering of the world.Buddha's father raised him in opulence in the palace built just for the boy and sheltered him with knowledge of religion and human hardship.At the age of sixteen he married to Yashodhara and leave for another thirteen years.

One day when he venturned out of the royal palace he quickly confronted with the realities of the human frality.He saw very old man and his charioteer explain that every people grow old.Question about all he hadn't experienced in luxurious palace lead him to take more journey and on these renounced world to seek release from human fare of death and suffering.Another day he see sick man and man dying over tha fire.These suffering lead him to great findings of human world that.He mediated for years by leaving Luxurious palace his wife and son and went for deep mediation.After years of mediation he finally came into conclusion that every creaters on this planet has limited life span and has to die one day.He became aware and enlightened and spread his message of peace and sprituality to most part of Asia.Today he is known as Buddha and he teachings is known as Buddhism.

The location of historic and scared place Lumbini is most searched place in internet.Lumbini is located in south central of Terai Nepal in the foothills of himalayas.It is kind of holy sentiment for millions of Buddhist all over the world.Lord Buddha was born in lumbini around 623 B.C.The region is a complete treasure of ancient ruins and antiquities.Dating back to the pre christian era.It is a beautiful garden of Buddha's time and still retain its legendary charm and beauties.Lumbini is famous for the birth place of Gautam Buddha.Many Buddhist Pilgrimage visit this scared place every year.

Who Is Gautam Buddha And Where Was He Born?Why Is Lumbini Famous For?

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