Marriages System In Nepal,Dowry System In Nepal And Divorce System In Nepal

Nepal is a land-locked country boarded by India to the south and China (Tibet) to the North.Nepal is popular around the world for its highest mountain,Birth Place of Buddhaa and as a land-locked country.Nepal has different culture,tradition and rituals.Nepal has its own style of marriage and also different types of marriage like Love Marriage,Arrange Marriage,Eloped Marriage,Temple Marriage,and Court Marriage,Paper Marriage,polyandry Marriage,Polygamy Marriage, Marriage with widow etc.

1:Arranged Marriage

According to Hindu culture arrange marriage is made in heaven when ths son or daughter reach their marriage age the parents look for Bride or Bridegroom through their relatives or people they know.They are called Lami in Nepali.After conforming their Groom or Bride parents will visit astrologers or Priests and conformed whether they are made for each other or not.after conforming marriage date Bride will go to his Groom home with his freinds and relatives and start the ceremony after exchanging ring and garland.The Bride puts Red (Sindur) to his groom Forhead and bring his groom home.The next day will be of Grand party called Bihe Vog.This is most common type of marriage among Hindus.

2:Love Marriage

Love marriage is also becoming popular these days as there is no option of choosing life partner in arranged marriage.The new generation has started this and if parents of both families agree with their choise then parents of both family will arrange the wedding according to the arranged marriage and start their new life.

3:Eloped Marriage

It is less common practise marriage system.When a boy find his girl and their parents denied their relation they will eloped from there home and move to other place and enjoy their marriage life.

4:Temple Marriage

It is as like arranged marriage where Bride and Groom will promised their furtune infront of temple and Bride put Sindur and Groom put Garland infront of Priest in Hindu Temple.

5:Court Marriage

After,boy and girl reach their marriages they will conform their relation with Court in written agreement.It is practise nowadays widely by couples who are migrating abroad and has less time for arange marriage.

6:Polyandry Marriage

In this system brothers of a same family share their wife.It is common in far western region.In this system a girl has 2 or more husbands and she is lucky.

7:Polygamy Marriage

In this system a boy has 2 or more wife and he is lucky.This system is prohibited by governemnt these days.

Divorce System In Nepal

Divorce is rare in Nepal because by its culture and religion couples are made in heaven and women will tolerate even though husbands suppressed and hasitate his wife.Women are provided with half property of her husband when he is ready to divorce.But these days as people donot want to living suppression and people are educated they will separate for some reasons.

Dowry System In Nepal

Dowry is the property given by groom parents to Bride for marring their daughter.It is more common in Terai Region.It is beacuse of culture and tradition of particular places.People give cash,Ornaments,vehicles,and land as gift to their son in law.




Marriages System In Nepal,Dowry System In Nepal And Divorce System In Nepal

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