Famous Foods In Nepal

Dal Bhat and Tarkari( lentils,riceand curry) are major famous food in Nepal.Beside Dal,Bhat and Tarkari asian food are available in tourist areas.As,many ethnic group live in Nepal food also varies according to different ethnic groups,culture and traditions.Nepalese kitchen describe the Nepalese people in better way.Nepali people do not have distinct cooking style but food habbits defer on different region like Terai,Hill And Mountain.Nepalese food is highly influenced by indian and Tibetian cooking style.Authentic Nepalese test is mainly found in Newari and Thakali kitchen.Many Nepalese eat Dal Bhat by their right hand instead of spoon.Dal and Bhat is accompanied by Achar(pickel).Meat is also very popular among Nepalese and is served only in special occasions as it is relatively expensive.

Mo Mo (steamor fried) is a small savory ball of dough is most prefered snacks among Nepalese.Mo Mo is acquired from Tibetians snacks.Usually the fried balls contain meat product,vegetable and seasoning inside dumpling.Roties,(flat bread) and Dhido(boil flour) are also famous food in many restaurants as eat is more hygenic and prefered by peoples with Gasto intestinal disordars,Diabites patient and Heart dieseas.People visiting different localities prefered the taste of local food available in that locations.Nepal is a beautiful land of delicious cusine and varities of food available on different geography and climate of the country.Among ,many food items available rice is a major source of energy every where.Nepalese people love to consume it two times a day.They consume rice at late morning around 10 AM before leaving for work and around 8 PM before bed.Nepalese cusine is not spicy but it depends upon the taste of individuals.

In Kathmandu valley Newari food is popular in which use of buffalo meat,vegetables also and potato and bamoo shoot is popular.while in the mid hills people consume heavy lunch,specially Thakali's are notable for producing high grade rice,lentils,vegetables and curries which are tasty and hygenic.while in the mountain food is influenced by Tibetian culture.Yak cheese,butter and noodles are famous food in mountain region as the temperature of mountain is very low and people need adquet energy for daily work.In Terai or madesh people prefer Roti with curry and the food habbit is highly influenced by Indian Culture.

Nowadays,advance restaurant and hotels in different places are made available with different dishes like Itilian food,Chinese,and continental dishes.Fruits,and bevrages which are highly fresh and nutritave are available in different regions according to season.In Nepal home made bevrage called Local Tharra(Alcholic drinks) is popular,however famous bevrages which are expensive and international drinks are also available in different places.during festival time Sel Roti(Roti) and other traditional cuisine is very popular among Nepalese.also,food differ according to culture and region.

Famous Foods In Nepal

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