Fake Helicopter Rescue In Nepal

There has been lot of fake rescue by some fraud trekking company and guides before.People cheet trekkers in high altitude by providing unhyginic  food and makinng them ill.Helicopter companies and Hospitals involve in these fraud business has been investgated by Ministy of Tourism,Tourism Board and TAAN.Tourist and Insurance company complains about this fraud business to the tourism industry to take action.Some traders sold 5000USD to 7000 USD and make tourist ill by themselves.Insurance company was claimed by tourist for making at least 2000 USD to 20000 USD for rescuing.

According to tourist who were victims of fake rescue -"All seetings are arranged and they intensionally fade us with unhygenic food,in high altitude and make them ill.There were few trekking companies involve in such fraud business so far.After visiting Nepal many tourist donot believe in such company and some good working trekking guide and helpers are sorry for such behaviour by fraud company.

I  the past there has been many fake rescue by some fraud trekking companies and guides.Tourist become ill after unhygenic food in high altitude and the company manage fraud rescue operation with maximum cost.Helicopter companies and Hospitals involve in these business has been investigated by Ministry of tourism and TAAN.Tourist and insurance companies has complained about this fraud business to Tourism Industry to take require action.

Some fraud companies involve in this business was punished and recorded in black list by Government.Many companies like Mount Glory who provide honest service and true help are seeking for travelers.Nowadays such fraud business has totally colapsed after fruitful steps by government.so,we would like to inform all insurance companies and travelers to be sure about fake rescue which is completely stopped.So,there is no any disadvantage for insurance company to provide required insurance fee to travelers.





Fake Helicopter Rescue In Nepal

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