Customs And Cultures Of Nepal

Nepal is a country with many cultures and customs because several indigenous, ethnic groups have been living in this land locked country from centuries. These ethnic groups have different arts, culture,tradition and religions. These diverse culture and customs are important aspect of Nepali society. Festivals and unique rituals of these diverse ethnic groups are different from one another.Mostly Hindus and Buddhist tradition and culture is major witnessing part for travelers. Conglomeration lies in Kathmandu where cultures are blending as national identity. Festivals are major aspects that add color to Nepalese life which they celebrate round the year with much pomp and joys.

Nepal is a secular country where every religion are practiced but majorities of Nepalese are Hindus and Buddhist which have co existed harmony from centuries. Buddha is light of Asia so, Buddhism is major religion after Hinduism. Buddhist Philosophy con conceives 5 elements like soil, fire,water, air and ether as deities which are worshiped by Hindus as well.Whereas Bramha,Bishnu and Shiva are worshiped by Hindu.Bramha is considered as creater,Bishnu as preserver and Shiva as a destroyer.In the valley "Kumari" is consider as living God.People worship Sarswati for Knowledge,Laxmi for Wealth,Ganesh for Luck and Hanuman(monkey God) as Protector.

Marriage in Nepal is interesting as traditional Marriages called for Deals arrange by parents after the boy or girl come of age.But nowadays youngster practice love marriage, Court marriage and paper marriage.Also, grown up people preferred living together for better life.Cow is a National animal of Nepal and Hindu worship it as Mother Laxmi(the God) so, beef is prohibited openly.Nepalese consider cow dung to be pure for cleansing purposes.In Nepal men usually go out to work while womens are homemakers however role can differ in cities areas.

Customs And Cultures Of Nepal

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