Currency Of Nepal

Rupiyanh in Nepali is Currency Of Nepal.It is called Nepalese Rupee and is different from other rupee used in India and other countries.Nepalese currency is issued by Nepal Rastra Bank which is also Central Bank Of Nepal.Currency of Nepal is universally recognized and can be converted into any currency.They can be converted at commercial bank and money exchange.There are many money exchanger in every corner of Nepal.

Tha smallest unit of Nepalese currency is Paisa Which is equal to 100th of 1 rupee.There are 2 rupee,5 rupee,10 rupee,20 ruppe,50 rupee,100 rupee,500 rupee and 1000 rupee in currency notes.which has printed photo in it.There are also coins of 1 and 2 rupee.It is fully convertable and can be converted in any money exchanges.

Exchange Rates Fixed by Nepal Rastra Bank
Money exchange rate is fixed by central bank of Nepal and includes both private and government affiliciate.It is better to exchange money with government affilicate exchangers if you have enough time and also,many private exchangers are available which is a bit costly.

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Currency Of Nepal

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