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Bird Watching Tour In Nepal is a recreational activity which help us to witness many birds species by our naked eyes and by binoculars and telescope.Nepal is a best place in the world for watching rare and endangered birds in the diverse range of eco system.The varities of birds around 886 species are found in Nepal from low land of Terai to high up in the Mountain.Nepal is a sanctuary for these rare birds as there are different types of forest and eco system for home to birds.The beautiful forest and high hills is paradise for bird watcher around the world.Nepal is naturally blessed with vast area for bird life and their habitat.The extra ordinary habitat of birds discover over 886 species of birds which is more than any other region in asia.

Nepal is a home to 10 percent of world's birds populations.The beauty of nature and the birds found in different eco system has made Nepal a luxurious and adventurous tourism destination.Bird watching is a recreational and tremendous exhilaration for beauty of nature and natural belongings.The rich bio diversity in geologically small country and diverse topography and climate has resulted many habitats of endangered birds and animals in Nepal.Danphe is a national bird of Nepal which is mainly found in mountain region.Similarly,the best habitat are wetlands lakes,tropical and coniferous forest around hill offer travelers to watch many birds and animals species.In Nepal different places are protected by government for preserving these birds and rare animals in differnent National Parks and wildlife conservation areas.

The popular sites for Bird watching include Shivpuri Conservation Area, Nagarkot, Phulchoki Area, Godavari Area, Nagarjun area Area, Bagmati River Side and Taudaha, Chitwan, Annapurna conservation area, Sagarmatha National Park etc.Phulchoki hill,Nagarkot is popular bird watching spot around kathmandu valley where one can witness 265 species of birds.Similarlly,birds and rare animals are protected in many gardens and parks where travelers not only can witness birds but also many species of plants and animals.There are several national parks where hunting of animals is alowed but birds are protected and can only be shot by cameras.Vultures which are rare in the world are protected in some places while eagles,sparrow,crow,are common and you can see every where.Nepalese people love birds and their sound.Spiny Babbler (Kade Bhayakur) is only found in Nepal.Many tourist visit Nepal every year to explore different birds.Mount Glory provide glorious oppurtunity for bird lover around the world to encounter with endangered birds to make any travelers their liftime memory.


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